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Commercial Swimming Pools


Most commercial swimming pools are found in leisure centres and gyms. They are places where families go to enjoy time together. They are places where our future Olympic Champions go to improve their form or time splits.  Most Leisure centres are the places where many of your children go to learn to swim.

There are more than 3000 swimming facilities in the UK across the public and private sector. Each one will have a water treatment system that ensures that swimming pool users are safe. This is so everyone can enjoy the use of those facilities to the fullest.

We are able to be a key part to ensuring that your commercial swimming pool remains open and safe to use. Total Leisure Engineering can provide a variety of planned services including:-

Planned servicing and maintenance of the filtration

chemical and UV systems

underwater inspection and servicing of moveable floor systems

We have the experience and know how to solve any commercial swimming pool issues.

We can provide the help and support to keep any swimming pool operational and safe. No matter what time of day, if help or support is needed, we provide 24/7 cover in case of emergency break downs.

commercial swimming pool filtration services and maintenance by Total Leisure Engineering

When we discuss all the pools where we have been involved in their construction, it’s probably not exaggerating to say that wherever you are in the UK you will be within an hour’s drive of a swimming pool that one of us has worked on it when it was being constructed!

Why Choose Us for your commercial swimming pool needs?

Trusted by councils, leisure trusts, non-for-profit operators and educational establishments, we work with prospective clients about how we can help. We provide surveys of current equipment, explore energy savings, upgrading of an old system and even re-configuration of pool systems. Whatever your enquiry we will be able to help.

In addition to existing swimming pools the UK builds upwards of 20 new pools most years. According to LeisureDB’s 2018 State of the UK Swimming Industry Report 22 new public and private swimming pool sites opened in the last 12 months. That’s down from 34 in 2017.

Total Leisure Engineering are also able to provide full design & build support for new build facilities*.

Although we are a relatively new company, set-up in 2015, many of our team have worked in the leisure industry for the last 25 years.  They have designed and worked on some of the most complex and high profile swimming pool water treatment systems built in that time.

* Working to industry design guidelines published by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) and ensuring new design meets all BS/ISO standards and consideration of HSG179: Health and Safety in Swimming Pools, we are conversant in all the required standards.

Clients we have worked with

Some of the UK’s biggest organisations trust us to design, install, maintain and sustain their systems and equipment