About Total Leisure Engineering (T.L.E)

“Here at Total Leisure Engineering, we are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional quality of service and technical assistance”

Our core business is providing technical support to swimming pools & leisure facilities across the UK. These core services are provided by Total Leisure Engineering (TLE) in-house specialists and covers areas of:-

  • filtration and water treatment, 
  • chemical dosing systems, 
  • UV and Ozone treatment systems, 
  • air and water features, 
  • hydraulic moveable floor systems 
  • and electrical control systems. 

swimming pool filtration and maintenance services by Total Leisure Engineering
filtered pool maintenance services and movable floorsby Total Leisure Engineering

Providing our own trained and experienced engineers ensure we maintain the highest level of quality and service for our clients.

TLE are available 24-hours a day for advice, support and your peace of mind. We also provide 7-day emergency call-out available through our tailored preventative maintenance packages.

We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional quality of service and technical assistance. At TLE we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to building respected & lasting working relationships.

Outside of the core business, the TLE team are also experienced in designing and installing thermal and spring waters.

Our electrical engineers carried out works at Thermal Bath Spa, the only thermal spring water supplied spa in the UK. TLE has been involved both during its construction and several times since its opening in 2007.

We have also provided services to capture private natural spring water for beneficial use for a private client.

The services we provided helped clients to use these valuable water sources for beneficial use.

Since 2017 we have expanded the team into providing electrical control system expertise to a number of water treatment sites. We have sites across England, Scotland and Wales installing electrical control systems on a wide range of water treatment equipment.

swimming pool commercial maintenance services by Total Leisure Engineering

Our Accreditations & Training

The highest standards are our priority. Our staff work behind the scenes to give you the best on site experiences.